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How Do I get My very own Playstation 3?
You may be asking yourself this.

You may have tried saving up those six hundred dollars but just couldn't do it or your job just doesn't cut the income that it us to. Well now there are no worries. You can get that 60GB Playstation 3 now for FREE!!!

Is this a Scam?

You also might I add be doubting this whole process before you even start reading it. Well don't be. This is by no means a Scam or hoax. Would I spend my precious time making a whole big website for no reason at all? No I really wouldn't. You can also check out the Proof section which includes pictures and videos. Many news station across the globe have run stories on this. All saying that with a little work it can be done.


Follow these FOUR steps to receive your free PS3 60GB
If you have any questions leave a comment and I respond as quickly as possible or leave your email for a private question.


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Estimated Read and process time- 20 Minutes.

Signing up is the most important thing of all. Below I have listed 3 of the most well know sites that can provide you with a Playstation 3.

NOTICE- Sites can sometimes crash due to an overload of users. So try again in an hour or two.

CustomOrderThis- Globally Shipped

This is the easy step. First, click on the link above then select your PS3 as your prize.(other gifts available). Make sure you put in a valid address. Then they will ask for your information. Don't hesitate to put the info in. The only reason they ask this is that when there is a problem they can call you(there never is) and your address is there so they can send your FREE PS3 to the right place.

IMPORTANT-make sure this is all filled out 100%. This is serious stuff and with fake information they can delete your account as Spam.

As the site states this is all secure information that will not be seen by any third parties.

Congratulation!!! you have completed the first step in getting your free PLAYSTATION 3.

Estimated Time- 45 Minutes

Before you read this step notice there are a few very important rules to follow by.
  • Do not try to scam the company
  • Other family members in the same house can not sign up
  • Proxy servers are forbidden and will cause deletion of your account
  • Dorm rooms will not work since they are on the same server(you can try though)
  • NEVER EVER do an offer more than once
  • Once you sign up you can not delete it and sign up again
  • Only sign in to your account from your computer. Don't let your friend sign in from your PC.
  • MOST OF ALL- Just follow the terms and rules, which will lead to a clean fun adventure for a Playstation 3.
OK, Now that you have read the main rules. Don't be hesitant about this step at all.

You are going to need to get a total of 1. Full Credit

That means:
1- 1 Credits
2- 1/2 Credits
3- 1/3 Credits

There are over 50 different site offers to choose from. many are well know companies.
Some are considered free while others will cost you money.
It is impo
rtant to know that some offers credit instantly(15 Minutes) while others can take a day or two.
This will all be shown for you on the site.

Below is a list of the tops sites that will guarantee you a green and the most popular offers.


Free Instant Sites

True.com(Match Making Site) Find your love that could last you the rest of your life. This offers 1 Full Credit INSTANTLY!!
#2- Stamps.com(Stamps for Free) Get a bunch of stamps for your home or business for cheap. Half Credit INSTANTLY!!
#3- Blockbuster(DVDS!!)Get an account that will deliver movies to your house every month.
#4- Bidz.com - (Watches, Rings)Sign up and get anything,very simple! INSTANT credit! Half of a credit.
#5- Advertising Web Service(SEO Tools)Only 5 dollars for a bunch of great SEO tools.

All offers shown work and are the real thing.
You can report the link if it doesn't work.

__________________BREAK TIME_________________
While your offer is turning green you can check out some of these pictures of other user who have received free gifts.

Playstation 3 .................Ps3 On Table

Ps3 and PSP Together............... Ps3 Graphic power.

________________BACK TO WORK________________


Estimated Time- One Week

Now that you have completed your offer and it has gone green. It is time to get people that you know to refer YOU.

Before I give you ideas on where to get these people remember...

No one on the same IP address and house address.

Below is the list of 10 ways to get referrals

1. Ask your Mom or Dad
2. Ask your Best friend(s)
(a.)More than one friend
3. Ask your Teachers
4. Ask your Tutor
5. Make a flyer
6. Tell friends you will pay them 5 bucks
7. Email me with your link and I will post it.
8. A Poster at your school or office.
9. Put your link on a forum you belong too.
10. Make your own site(Spend the time making your own)

Right there are only 10 out of a Hundred different ways to get referrals.

Keep trying, even when you dont get those referrals after a week they will come. Once you shown them my site or explain it to them they wont want to stop the freebie life.


Estimated Time- 5 Days


This part of the deal is now in the hands of the websites company. They will go into your account once you have gotten the 15 or so referrals. They will make sure that there is no frauds or suspicious activity. If there are no problems they will then ship out your Playstation 3. It should come with in a normal shipping period. If you have questions then you can always email the site(Email found on their page). I've never had problems with getting anything. if you complete it all correctly then you will soon be playing on your new Playstation 3.

Now that you have completed the whole process you will probably interested in getting more things.

The Playstation is a very powerful machine and to run something like that your going to need a Plasma High Definition Television. You can also work up to getting one of these for free. It takes a lot more effort and determination because it costs more and more referrals are needed.



Thank you for visiting my site. If you have questions then please leave a comment or email me. I am here to get you through the PS3 for Free experience with as few problems as possible. If you follow my tips and guide then CONGRATULATIONS. You can also IM me at (Exileskimboarder)

Copyright Marc Pierson. Not associated with Sony Entertainment.
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